Training Course in Handling of Phytosanitary Products – Qualified Level

Length: 60h

Registration Fee: €300 (Bonus for companies).

Objectives: To offer all farmers and crop managers who run treatment teams all the necessary information for the proper performance of their duties.


– Crop pests: Classification, description, and damage they cause.

– Pest control methods. Importance of non-chemical methods.

– Strategies and techniques for integrated pest control.

– Integrated production and ecological production.

– Phytosanitary products: Description and generalities.

– Good environmental practices. Environmental awareness.

– Danger of phytosanitary products for people’s health.

– Operator exposure level: Preventive and protective measures in the use of products.

– Transportation and storage of phytosanitary products.

– Preparation, mixing and application of phytosanitary products.

– Methods of application of phytosanitary products.

– Phytosanitary treatments. Application equipment.

– Cleaning, maintenance and regulation of equipment.

– Revisions and periodic inspections of equipment.

– Risks related to the use of equipment for the application of phytosanitary products.

– Practices of application of phytosanitary treatments.

– Elimination of empty containers. Management systems.

– Phytosanitary products traceability.

– Work-health relationship: Regulations on prevention of occupational risks.

– Agricultural Social Security.

– Regulations affecting the use of phytosanitary products.

– Methods to identify illegal phytosanitary products. Infringements and sanctions.



More than 15 years of experience guarantee our technical and professional capacity.
An important team of Agricultural Engineers and Agricultural Technical Engineers with extensive experience in the field, provide agronomic support and advice to agricultural companies, livestock farms, hotel and non-hotel complexes and nurseries for the production of ornamental, horticultural and fruit plants.

Our company provides advisory, engineering and training services in the agriculture, livestock, gardening and nursery sectors.

We provide solutions in an optimal and effective way in the environment of consulting, engineering and company formation, both to private and public entities. Phytosanitary product handler course qualified level in general.

We are the first company in the Canary Islands to be registered in the Registry of Advisory Service Entities for agricultural holdings in the Canary Islands in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Canary Islands.

Among the members of our team we have experts in different fields, such as Agricultural Engineers, Agricultural Technical Engineers, Public Works Technical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Veterinarians, Biologists and Surveyors.

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