Training Course in Handling of Phytosanitary Products – Basic Level

Length: 25h

Registration Fee: €150 (Bonus for companies).

Objectives: To offer handlers of phytosanitary products technical information on the correct handling and

Ofrecer a los manipuladores de productos fitosanitarios información técnica sobre la correcta manipulación y aplicación de los productos y contrastarlas con sus experiencias.

Curso manipulador de productos fitosanitarios






– Pests. Control methods. Means of phytosanitary defense.

– Products description and generalities.

– Danger of phytosanitary products and their residues.

– Risks derived from the use of phytosanitary products.

– Poisoning and other health effects. First aid.

– Phytosanitary treatments. Application equipment.

– Cleaning, maintenance, regulation and revision of equipment.

– Operator exposure level: Preventive and protective measures in the use of phytosanitary products.

– Work-health relationship: Regulations on prevention of occupational risks.

– Good environmental practices. Environmental awareness.

– Protection of the environment and elimination of empty containers: Specific regulations.

– Principles of traceability. Requirements regarding food and feed hygene.

– Good phytosanitary practice: Interpretation of labeling and safety data sheets.

– Regulations affecting the use of phytosanitary products. Infringements and sanctions.

– Practices of application of phytosanitary products.


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